Hi all,
  It has been a wile since I have been active in this mailing list, sorry.  It is because this software rocks!  We love it.  The problem I am seeing is that my high end layer 2 switches do not see the multicast traffic as such, it sees it as regular IP traffic, I have been working with the tech support for the switch for about 2 months on this and finally he is saying it is the softwares fault - I disagree, but am hoping someone knows something I don't or has seen this same issues. 
   The switch is a Foundry FastIron 800 running BL3 code with "ip multicast passive" and "ip pimsm-snooping" enabled (this also enables igmp-snooping for those that don't have one of these switches).    To make matters more complicated, we have a layer 3 switch that handles the traffic just fine because it recognizes the multicast IP address, but since the layer 2 switch can not recognize the IP address it just Broadcasts it. 
   I can get an IGMP group to be registered on the Layer 2 switch by using "-mcast-all-addr" but once the cast starts it doesn't seem to use that group - or at least the switch doesn't recognize it.

   When we do a ethereal capture or a tcpdump, all the multicast traffic shows up as "Bogus IP header length (0, must be at least 20)" and this is making the tech with foundry believe it is the softwares fault.

   Conclusion:  I need to ether have someone give me a way to prove that the traffic is really multicast traffic, or a way to get the software to really use the igmp group that it registers.

Any information, ideas, or comments would be helpful.

  -Lance Grover