Thanks by your replay Alain.
I use udp-sender/receiver in a LAN too but the problem doesn't exists.
I'm using tcpdump to check what packages it's coming by satellite, but in there looks normal.
I don't know if a solution with timeout can solve my problem, but its my first choose to fix this problem.
Anyone have this problem related or know anyone who have this before?

Thanks a lot

On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 12:40 PM, Alain Knaff <> wrote:
Diego Zimmermann wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I'm using udp-sender to send an announce package and using udp-receiver
> inside of a C program in loop who stays checking for new announce packages.
> The announce package has no more then 1.5K
> The problem is, after some interactions, udp-receiver lock and stay quiet
> waiting for close the connection by sender, but the announce is complete
> inside the system.
> So, my question is, can I put a timeout in udp-receiver to close this
> connection if some defined time pass away?

Sorry, but in my opinion, this would not be a valid solution. Rather, try
to find out why it happens in the first place. Tcpdump may help with the

Which command line options do you use? Does the problem also happen on a
LAN (with the same command-line parameters used). Does it only happen with
small files?



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