Dear All:


This is Haiwei from Singapore Panasonic Laboratories Pte Ltd. I just tested –daemon-mode using udp-sender.exe (window version) under winXP.


Below is the command used and its corresponding results:



udp-sender -M -P 5004 --daemon-mode --nokbd --autostart 1 -f test.txt




Udp-sender 2007-02-18

Using mcast address

UDP sender for test.txt at on Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connecti

on - Packet Scheduler Miniport (00-00-e2-5b-c7-66)

Broadcasting control to

Starting transfer: 00000009

Transfer complete.


bind socket to (Bad file descriptor)


[my comments]

There is no need to call bind() again when transferring is terminated. Next receiver should share the same IP:Port as


I have tested udp-sender (2006.9 version) under Linux (Fedora 5.0), it works well. So I doubt that udp-sender.exe (window version) may need to be updated.


Your comments are welcome. Thanks in advance.  


Best Regards,


Mr. Haiwei Sun

R&D Engineer

Panasonic Singapore Laboratories Pte Ltd