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I am testing UDP-sender.exe and UDP-receiver.exe under WinXP with following commands. But a error (marked by red color) happens after the server transfers data once. Under linux, I have never met this problem. I am wonder if there is a bug?



C:\Documents and Settings\hwsun.PSL-AD\Desktop\UDPCast-run>udp-sender -f test.tx

t -P 5004 -M --daemon-mode --nokbd --min-receivers 1


Udp-sender 2007-02-05

Using mcast address

UDP sender for test.txt at on Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connecti

on - Packet Scheduler Miniport (00-00-e2-5b-c7-66)

Broadcasting control to

New connection from  (#0) 00000009

Starting transfer: 00000009

bytes=          1 230 re-xmits=0000000 (  0.0%) slice=0000           1 230 -   0


Transfer complete.

Disconnecting #0 (


bind socket to (Bad file descriptor)                                  <------------ why???







C:\Documents and Settings\hwsun.PSL-AD\Desktop\UDPCast-run>udp-receiver -f mytes

t.txt -P 5004 -M --nokbd


Udp-receiver 2007-02-05

UDP receiver for mytest.txt at on Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Conn

ection - Packet Scheduler Miniport (00-00-e2-5b-c7-66)

received message, cap=00000009

Connected as #0 to

Listening to multicast on

bytes=          1 230  (  0.01 Mbps)          1 230

Transfer complete.



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Mr. Haiwei Sun

R&D Engineer

Panasonic Singapore Laboratories Pte Ltd