I've discovered buildroot, which it seems for my purposes will be perfect.  It even supports wpa_supplicant, not that I need it.

On Oct 4, 2012 6:44 PM, "Alain Knaff" <alain@knaff.lu> wrote:
On 27/09/12 07:39, Jayen Ashar wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to use udpcast over wifi.  Specifically, I've noticed that
> the cast-o-matic lets me choose wireless kernel modules, but doesn't
> let me choose an SSID of a wireless network to connect to.  I'm having
> trouble getting iwconfig (static or dynamic) working, so is there
> another way I should be setting the SSID?
> Thanks,
> Jayen

I'm sorry, but in the current version, Wifi is indeed not fully supported.

Maybe in one of the next versions, I'll add iwconfig for choosing the SSID.

This would however be for unencrypted networks only, indeed WPA would
probably still be out of reach for an "embedded" system such as udpcast.