I have 2 big problem with wonderful program udpcast on Solaris 10 ( with Linux all works fine but it’s not my case ):


First is udp-sender:


# udp-sender --interface e1000g1 --async --max-bitrate 10m --fec 8x8 --pointopoint  --mcast-data-address --file /tmp/Beyonce-Run.tar

stripes=8 redund=8 stripesize=128

Udp-sender 20110710

UDP sender for /tmp/Beyonce-Run.tar at on e1000g1

Broadcasting control to

Ready. Press any key to start sending data.

Starting transfer: 00000029

bytes= 85 698 704  re-xmits=0000000 (  0.0%) slice=1024 -   0


udp-sender hang at this point after file transfer. I never get message “File transfer”. I can stop process with CTRL-C

But udp-receiver get file completely and exit with appropriate message.


Second is udp-receiver and “--receive-timeout”  option. It doesn’t work in Solaris 10.


Can these problems be fixed?