Just wanted to describe how I used udpcast. I worked in a library, we had about 40 machines of different types.
They were all running Windows XP. I muddled through Windows Sysprep and figured out how to make a single image
that worked with all of them.
Then, I installed ubuntu on every single machine, on a second partition... it was about 15 gigabytes.
Within this partition, I had a gigantic file - it was an linux-ntfs image of that Windows XP partition. If I remember, it
was between 5 and 10 gigabytes.
Whenever I wanted to 'update' all the machines, with windows updates, software installation, tweaks,
etc, I would just do it on one windows machine, reboot into ubunutu, image the windows partition down
into a big image file within the linux partition. Then I would the reboot all the machines into ubuntu, then broadcast
that windows image file, and everything was updated, in like 45 minutes.
And If I wanted to wipe out any possible viruses, etc, I just unpacked an old clean image, and broadcast it.
I had python scripts that basically automated the entire thing, it took like 10 keystrokes to broadcast the image
and like 5 keystrokes to set up a machine to accept an image, and it had menus and everything.
Just wanted to put this out there, in case some jerk-off tries to patent this relatively obvious idea.
And to shout out to the udpcast people, rock on.