[Udpcast] udp-cast sending too much data

Alain Knaff alain at knaff.lu
Thu Feb 12 17:04:46 CET 2009

Scott Mikolyski wrote:
> The past few days, I've been fighting to get udpcast to send an 
> uncorrupted disk image to my lab computers.  The hard disks are 160GB 
> (160000000000) with six partitions (a mix of ntfs and ext2/3/swap). 
> During the multicast, the sender reports some time outs.  After a few 
> hours and 160GB later, the progress indicator says it has run out of 
> disk space on the receivers.  Not all of the partitions exist on the 
> cloned disks with a lot of free disk space either labelled empty or as 
> an unknown partition.
> I'm using the prebuilt pxe linux kernel ( with a cast-o-matic 
> initrd file.
> Are the casting time outs related to the data corruption?  And if the 
> disks are identical how can I be running out of space?  What can I do to 
> get a clean copy of my disk across.  I've been staying up way too long 
> trying to figure this out.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
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You're probably running into the seek bug present in some Linux kernels.
The problem is being fixed (Linux patches take a really long time to get
through the chain into a released kernel...), so in the meantime I added a
workaround for it to udpcast.

You can download this version from the udpcast site as usual.


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