[Udpcast] udp-cast sending too much data

Scott Mikolyski scott at mikolyski.net
Wed Feb 11 02:09:08 CET 2009

The past few days, I've been fighting to get udpcast to send an 
uncorrupted disk image to my lab computers.  The hard disks are 160GB 
(160000000000) with six partitions (a mix of ntfs and ext2/3/swap). 
During the multicast, the sender reports some time outs.  After a few 
hours and 160GB later, the progress indicator says it has run out of 
disk space on the receivers.  Not all of the partitions exist on the 
cloned disks with a lot of free disk space either labelled empty or as 
an unknown partition.

I'm using the prebuilt pxe linux kernel ( with a cast-o-matic 
initrd file.

Are the casting time outs related to the data corruption?  And if the 
disks are identical how can I be running out of space?  What can I do to 
get a clean copy of my disk across.  I've been staying up way too long 
trying to figure this out.  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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