[Udpcast] Network card Error

Darin MacLachlan dmaclachlan at hatsize.com
Tue Sep 23 22:45:25 CEST 2008

This was working and now it has stopped.

Have a UDPcast server running on a HP DL360G5 with 4 NICS.  One  
connected to an internal infrastructure (eth2) and another connected  
to a dedicated switch with the client systems on the same switch (eth3).

When i run the UDPcast send or receive, using the following command:
udp-sender -f /home/base.udpc --interface eth3 --point-to-point --full- 
duplex --max-bitrate 600m --nokbd --portbase=9922 --min-receivers 1  -- 
rexmit-hello-interval 5000 --max-wait 300

I get the following error message:
Udp-sender 2007-03-23
No suitable network interface found
The following interfaces are available:

Interestingly, an ifconfig show eth3 as a valid network adapter, but  
the udp-sender does not see the device.  This was working last week,  
and nothing has changed on the server

I have tried everything, restarting DHCP, removing the interface and  
adding again.  Rebooted the server, restarted the network stack  
manually.  nothing seems to help.

Using SUSE linux 10 as the base server OS.

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