[Udpcast] multi computer cast problem

PaweĊ‚ Ufnalewski // BSS archon at pjwstk.edu.pl
Tue Sep 23 22:05:25 CEST 2008


    I've got problem with multicasting to many computers at once. I've
got server with newest udp-sender (20071228) which is sending files from
ext3 partition (with command  ./udp-sender --pipe 'tar -B -S -cpf - -C
/usr/share/systemimager/boot/i386/pjwstklenny .' --portbase 9006
--min-clients 2 --min-wait 15 --interface eth1 --max-bitrate 70M
--mcast-all-addr --ttl 10

and I'm trying to receive it with command:

./udp-receiver --portbase 9006 --nosync --ttl 10 --mcast-rdv-address --pipe "tar -f - -x -vv -C /disk"

on client computer.

Problem is that, when I'm doing it one-by-one (I mean server-1 client) I
get full speed - ~70MB/s, but when I'm trying to to this with >= 2
computers transfer drops to >0,5Mb/s. Why? I tried diffrent and the same
subnet, I'm using 3com & cisco 3-layer switches (I also tried putting
server and clients on the same switch - the same effect).

Please help, cause I've got >200 computers to clone ;)

Best regards

Paul Ufnalewski // BSS
Polish Japanese Institute of Information Technology

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