[Udpcast] Eject CD...

Stephane steph2607 at tiscali.fr
Fri Jan 11 13:46:49 CET 2008


Eject CD:
#( cd /proc/ide ; for i in hd? ; do if fgrep -q cdrom $i/media ; then 
eject /dev/$i ; echo ejecting /dev/$i ; fi ; done)
doesn't work anymore because proc-ide support isn't in the kernel config.

I do this:
modprobe ide-cd
#periph_cd=`fgrep -l cdrom /sys/block/*/device/media | 
sed 's/\/sys\/block\/\(.*\)\/device\/media/\1/'`
periph_cd=`fgrep -l cdrom /sys/block/*/device/media | cut -d"/" -f4`

But, if I put it in predialog, it doesn't work because /dev/hdc doesn't exist 
at this time.

/dev/hdc exists after beginning of dialog.
Is it possible to automatically eject CD before dialog end?

Available variables are:
my $postscript;
my $prescript;
my $predialogscript;
but I think $prescript is run after dialog, am I wrong?


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