[Udpcast] [solved] Problem with cloned MACs

Pitt Leidner pitt.leidner at gmx.net
Mon Apr 21 21:16:51 CEST 2008


Am Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2008 schrieb Pitt Leidner:
> Using the multicast to clone a HDD to several Clients, the clients take
> the MAC of the onboard NIC (NVidia nForce). After that, the original
> MAC is gone and I'm not able to restore this.
> This fact has been a little difficult to find. Cause I thought, the MAC
> ist Part of the NIC, not of the HDD, which has been cloned. So how does
> it come?
The answer in short: UDP-Cast wasn't resonsible for that!

It has been an behavior of the the harddiskprotection "HDD Sheriff" witch 
protects the bios also. So a cloned target system will have a cloned 
Bios.Backup of the source also. This rewrites then the "changed" mac of 
the nic of the target after rebooting. 

I've received an MAC-writing tool from the Nic-producer- with that the 
strange error could be located quickly.

I'm sorry for that. But still thankfull, becaus of your guidance, which 
gave me some ideas to the problem... ;-)

yours sincerely


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