[Udpcast] Kernel 2.6.24

Matthias Ehmann matthias.ehmann at uni-bayreuth.de
Sat Apr 19 17:38:02 CEST 2008

Michael D. Setzer II schrieb:
> Hash: SHA1
> Just a quick question. When you did the build, were you logged in as root?
> Many of the special files only work with root. I've had some people make the 
> mistake of building with an id other than root. 
Thanks for your reply.

No this is not the problem. This was not the first kernel I built. ;-)
Kernel 2.6.23 works successful under the same preconditions. But as 
already mentioned I had to back port the e1000e driver.

I will have a look at the ISO you mentioned. Could you send the .config 
file for the 2.6.25 kernel?

> I've built many kernels on my g4l cd image, and include udp-sender and 
> udp-reciever on the cd image, but have only setup the g4l to be use the 
> reciever. You could see it those kernels would work. I haven't setup a PXE 
> with g4l, but others have.
> Latest version with even the 2.6.25 kernel is available at:
> ftp://amd64gcc.dyndns.org/g4l-v0.25alpha10.iso

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