[Udpcast] Kernel 2.6.24

Matthias Ehmann matthias.ehmann at uni-bayreuth.de
Sat Apr 19 15:10:16 CEST 2008

I need support for intel e1000e network adapters finally introduced with 
kernel 2.6.24. So I compiled a kernel for udpcast.
I created a initrd for PXE boot. Kernel and initrd are loaded and the 
computers start to boot but they always hang after a while throwing the 
init: can't open "/dev/null": no such file or directory

The problem also occurs on my VMware testing machine.

I used the kernel configuration from the udpcast homepage with 
the suggested changes for the new parts of the kernel.

My current workarround is a back-port of e1000e support from to But I would prefer to use kernel 2.4.24

Is there anybody out there with a running 2.6.24 based udpcast?

Best regards


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