[Udpcast] Include ntfsresize into initrd

Tom Carpenter tomc at bio.umass.edu
Thu Apr 3 21:15:40 CEST 2008

Didn't see any error message details from Jeff or any
indication that he found a solution, so, I'm just guessing
my info is relevant. I do the same thing as Jeff with
ntfsclone (compiled ntfsprogs v2.0.0 with '--enable-really-static'
and use cast-o-matic to include ntfsclone, ld-linux.so.2, and
libc.so.6). Basically, there's no "/etc/mtab" included/
created in the cast-o-matic PXE image, causing ntfsclone
complain when try to save image file:

# ntfsclone --save-image --overwrite /test.img /dev/sda
ERROR(2): Failed to check '/dev/sda' mount state: No such
file or directory

I just included "touch /etc/mtab" in the "Commands to be
executed before udpcast menu:" and then ntfsclone works.


Alain Knaff wrote:
> Jeff Michels wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I would like to include ntfsresize into an initrd
>> created by cast-o-matic.  I compiled ntfsresize
>> statically and uploaded the application to be included
>> in the initrd.  I'm pretty sure this is a busybox issue.
>> ntfsresize appears in the initrd but I cannot execute it.
> Do you get any error message? Or what exactly happens if
>> you try to execute it?
>> I am not very familiar with busybox so any help would be
>> appreciated.  Thank you in advance.
>> Jeff Michels
>> Technology Support Specialist
>> The School District of Beloit
> Btw, please watch your line length. Usually, in e-mails people keep 
> their lines shorter than 80 characters (except if there is a good 
> reason, such as quoting code, log file entries, etc.), this makes it 
> easier for everybody to read it without scrolling.
> Thanks,
> Alain
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