[Udpcast] UDPcast sender freezes

Gunner Poulsen gp at lyngbjerggaardskolen.dk
Fri Mar 23 13:14:56 CET 2007

Dear friends - I have a problem.

My UDP-cast is working very vell from PXE (that's not the problem). The
problem is that after a while 2 - 30 GB it surdently freezes and I can't get
in touch with the mashine via the keyboard or anything. And the cloning-proces
stops. I  worked at is the whole night the other day (to 4 morning), but it
keeps doing it.
First I used a version 2 month old, then I updatet to the newest at that time
(20070306) but is kept apering. I use no command-line-options and it is a
switch with 20 mashines.

Any sugestions about what could be wrong? 

Med venlig hilsen Gunner Poulsen
Lærer på http://www.lyngbjerggaardskolen.dk
Magnus' far!

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