[Udpcast] error: dup2 -1->1: Bad file descriptor more data

Schad schad at b2sch.de
Mon Mar 5 18:04:32 CET 2007


> It seems that I can transfer (iso) files without problem, but I am
unable to
> transfer directory trees through a pipe.
> commands
> # udp-sender --log log.txt --pipe "tar -cvzf - dir/"
> # udp-receiver --log log.txt --pipe "tar -xvzf - "
> I keep getting the following error in the receivers
> dup2 -1->1: Bad file descriptor
> Any idea out there? :-)

I found the error (is it one?): The pipe command receives the udpcast
output file as its output (while updcast then writes to a pipe leading to
the pipe command). If you don't use the "--file" option the resp. file
descriptor is -1.

Solution is simple: specify both, --file and --pipe.

Have fun!


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