[Udpcast] transferrate

Dieter Kroemer kroe at rs-schesslitz.de
Sun Jun 17 12:38:16 CEST 2007


I've got in my school 40 pcs - amd 4200+ 1GB Ram  160 GB Samsung
IDE-harddisk and Intel pro 1000GT - Gbit-switch

If I clone a receiver and the sender directly with a crossovercable
I've got a transferrate of nearly 500 Mbit/s. If I clone at once 4 pcs
with the Gbit-switch I've got a transferrate of 350Mbit/s. If  I clone
more then 5 pcs at once the transferrate falls down to 70 - 90 Mbit/s.
Well that's okay and udpcast is fantastic but if I could clone 20 pcs
also with 500 Mbit/s it would great.

Does anyone knows the reason for the reduced transferrate - whichever
could be the bottleneck?

Kind regards

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