[Udpcast] Udpcast really slow on NEC AMD 64 3400+

Alain Knaff alain at knaff.lu
Tue Feb 28 22:57:58 CET 2006

Stephane wrote:
> Hi,
> I post again...
> It seems my post didn't reach the list...
> I get really slow results with NEC AMD 64 3400+
> It has Gigabit ethernet card (RTL-8169), but I only get ~10Mbps when I try to 
> clone to computers linked with one RJ45 cable (no switch).
> I did the test with LZOP compression and image created in january 2006.
> Do you know why I get slower results than when I clone old computers on my 
> network?
> thank you very much!

If you get more or less exactly 10 Mbps, this looks like a 
misconfiguration of the card. What does 'mii-tool eth0' say?


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