[Udpcast] Lots of Timeouts using udpcast

Benjamin Moore bmoore at tacticallanguage.com
Mon Feb 27 04:26:47 CET 2006


I've just recently(as in the last hour) started playing with udpcast to image a
bunch of Windows XP machines.

I seem to have gotten everything working, but the throughput is kind of slow
because of the large number of time out errors I am getting.

This is the error:
Timeout notAnswered=[0,1] notReady=[0,1] nrAns=0 nrRead=0 nrPart=2 avg=<now
hovering around 59k>

Periodically udpcast seems to recover and the throughput goes back up.  But then
it starts getting Timeouts again.

THe configuration right now is 2 machines recieving and the machine transmitting
all plugged into the same switch.  I will be doing a second run with 20 machines

It looks like everything is working otherwise, so I'm just curious what's going



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