[Udpcast] Problems with udpcast (compressed images corrupt)

elekktretterr at exemail.com.au elekktretterr at exemail.com.au
Mon Feb 20 13:59:04 CET 2006

> Of course it does not work if you try to use gzip to decompress lzop
> compressed data (and vice-versa). These are two different compression
> schemes, and should not be mixed.

> If you consistently use lzop it works.
> If you consistently use gzip it also works.

Well I obviously wasnt mixing them. Im no bigginer in unix-like env to not
know gzip and lzop are different schemes. I was obviously not understood.
I'll try to explain it better:
The imaging server runs Gentoo Linux, ive installed udpcast-20050208 on
it. I booted the machine on which I maintain the image using PXE, firstly
chose gzip as my compression format of choice (ive been using udpcast for
over a year, but unfortunatly my old initrd got lost in the process of
upgrading), therefore ive started udp-sender, with gzip on that pc. On the
gentoo server i started udp-receiver. The image was saved no problem, then
i booted another 20 pcs on which i started udp-receiver via as well PXE,
and gzip decompression. and on the server udp-sender. Imaging worked, but
afterwards only NTFS partitions were readable, but none of the linux

Then i tried lzop, knowing it is much faster than gzip, saving the image
on the server worked fine, but when i tried to ghost a machine with it
spat out an error (after about 200 000MB of compressed data was sent
across the client ) which i cant remember now but basically it would not
continue ghosting.

Then i tried uncompressed format, took ages, but when it was saved on the 
server, i manually ran gzip and lzop on it and tested both(created extra
two files, one .gz and one .lzo), sent them across to the client on which
I chose either lzop or gzip (depending which file of the 2 i was sending)
and it worked perfectly. therefore there doesnt seem to be a problem with
udp-receiver but udp-sender that is compressing the data before it sends
it over the network to the Gentoo server.

The machines are perfectly identical.

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