[Udpcast] udpcast / broken partitions

Andreas udpcast at nuvisions.ch
Thu Feb 2 18:05:59 CET 2006

Hi All,
We're using udpcast to clone ~400gb partitions from a master to 
~10 slaves.

 udp-sender --full-duplex --file /dev/sdb --min-wait 15
   -max-bitrate 300M --nokbd

 udp-receiver --file /dev/sdb --nokbd

 ~80% of the clones work fine, but ~20% cause problems.

 We observed the following symptoms:

 1. partition broken (mount /dev/foo results in 'unsupported

 2. partitions mountable, but lots of directories give
    'permission error' when trying to access them.
    (In fact they are unreadable, changing perms does't help).

 3. completely broken: partition is mountable, find / results
    in kernel panic 'CPU LOCK' ;-)
    (re-cloning works though, so it's not cpu related)

We couldn't trace it back to individual hardware issues. From all 
10 hosts, they break randomly. (8 out of 10 are usually fine. 
But it's not like the first 8, or the 8 in the middle or so. - 
Sometimes, all 10 are fine.)

- FS: reiser3
- UDPCast: 20050226
- OS: Gentoo 2005.1
- NW: gb switched

Really hard to track down for me. What I'd be glad if you could 
help me with:

- diff. options (bitrate changes, etal)
- udpcast update (hint to changelog entry about the fix)
- misc other hints that might help :-)

Thanks a lot for your time,

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