[Udpcast] Speed dropping down

Lukas Kolbe lucky at knup.de
Sat Mar 26 14:04:51 CET 2005

Hello again,

I did another test, this time with 16 PCs. The following commands were

udp-sender \
  --file /dev/hda \
  --pipe "lzop -c -" \
  --half-duplex \
  --max-bitrate 70m \
  --fec 8x16/128 \
  --min-clients 16 \


udp-receiver \
  --pipe "lzop -d -" \
  --file /dev/hda

After about transmitting 21gb of data and writing about 60gb to disk,
the sender reported timeouts on receiver 10 and dropped speed down to
about 50kbps. I don't know what happend, appearently the harddisk in
client number 10 looks ok (at least smartctl -t short and -t long did
not reveal anything).

I then took #10 off, but the speed didn't go up again. 
I'm right now re-testing this thing, this time with 15 clients (without
former #10).


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