[Udpcast] Speed dropping down

Lukas Kolbe lucky at knup.de
Fri Mar 25 22:02:22 CET 2005

Am Freitag, den 25.03.2005, 18:02 +0100 schrieb Lukas Kolbe:
> Hello!

I have to add that we were using udpcast version 20040531 (which is
currently in debian testing).

The 50kbit/s clone finished a few hours ago, now I'm cloning the ones
that didn't made it (4 PCs), with udpcast 20050226 and a slightly
different commandline.
On the receiver:
udp-receiver --pipe "lzop -d -" --file /dev/hda

On the sender:
udp-sender --pipe "lzop -c -" \
	--file /dev/hda \
	--half-duplex \
	--max-bandwidth 60m\
	--fec 8x16/128\
	--min-clients 4\

This works pretty well (at least on this 4 PCs that failed before),
udpcast for now reports 27Mbps, which is pretty much giving that the
compressed data transferred was 21GB and the data written to disk till
now is about 56GB.

I hope I'm able to test this again with 16 or even more clients,
unfortunatly there are some courses in the next weeks, so that it could
become difficult to test this.

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