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Alain Knaff alain.knaff at lll.lu
Sun Feb 6 23:04:37 CET 2005

On Monday 22 November 2004 14:42, John Allison wrote:
> hello group
> i work for a school system and have been using UDPCast for a couple of
> years now with great results.  but we just got in the new dell gx280 pcs. 
> they have sata hard drivers and a broadcom gigabit ethernet card.  i can
> not get the boot disk nor the cd to use either device.  is there anyone who
> has add these devices to the /dev/ on the floppy or cd image?
> (John Allison )
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Today's version (20050206) adds support for SATA. However, this does
not yet work correctly with 2.4 kernels, thus you need to download the
version with 2.6 kernel (http://udpcast.linux.lu/current/udpcd26.img)


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