[Udpcast] Custom iso

Alain Knaff alain.knaff at lll.lu
Sun Feb 6 22:59:14 CET 2005

On Friday 28 January 2005 16:54, Michael Williams wrote:
> First let me thank you for udpcast, it has been a valuable tool for my
> school district. And now to what I'm here for, we have gotten a new batch
> of computers from Gateway with Marvell nic cards not supported with the
> current version of udpcast. I have attempted to build a custom iso with
> these new drivers following the instructions on the website. I used the
> 2.4.26 kernel sources and the rpm's from the site. I can't get the
> computers to boot to determine if the new drivers work. I'm sure I've just
> overlooked some small detail but I haven't been able to determine what.
> I downloaded the linux driver from the Marvell site; installed in 2.4.26
> src tree and built kernel according to instructions on the site.
> I created the iso with the following command:
> ./makeImage -k
> /usr/local/lx/2.4.26-udpcast/linux-2.4.26/arch/i386/boot/bzImage -c
> udpcast1.iso --fullbox
> the resulting iso is then burned to cd and when booted gives the following
> error:
> Please append a correct "root=" boot option.
> kernel panic not able to mount root
> Thanks,
> Michael

The 2.6 kernels apparently don't accept "symbolic" names for root
devices (such as /dev/ram0), or at least they don't with the .config
that I am using for udpcast.
For the 2.4 kernel it is just the contrary, oddly enough (understands
/dev/ram0, but not 01:00)

Today's udpcast release adresses the issue by passing a numeric root
device identifier (root=01:00) if the kernel is a 2.6 kernel and
symbolic (root=/dev/ram0) if 2.4.

Could you try whether it works better with today's version, and if the
problem still persists, could you post a more complete error message
(say, the 5 last lines displayed before the panic)



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