[Udpcast] Need help

Ramon Bastiaans bastiaans at sara.nl
Wed Feb 2 16:02:18 CET 2005

Just about the only thing that is logged to the logfile is "slice size 
set to <blah>" and such (if you're in luck).

A while back I posted a patch to the mailinglist which enables more 
extensive logging to syslog, but it is mainly for the udp-sender, not 
the receiver.

In case of the receiver, the interactive mode should display just about 
all the userfull info to the screen, if you want to debug something.

Kind regards,

Jérôme GRAS wrote:

>We are a french student team and we try to use udpcast. We have some trouble :
>When we use the following command :
>udp-receiver -f /home/imagefile.tzo --log /home/logfile.log
>we succeed in creating the image file, the logfile is created but
>stays always empty...
>Could you help us please ? We REALLY need your help ! Thanks a lot.
>Jérôme GRAS.
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>Udpcast at lll.lgl.lu

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