[Udpcast] Timing problem with starting PXE boot and udp-sender

Donald Teed dteed at artistic.ca
Thu Apr 29 18:50:38 CEST 2004

We have some less than reliable used laptops to image.

Sometimes on a few machines the PXE boot starts and fails
and it requires another boot up to get it going again.
I mention this because the problem I mention was not
observed before with more predictable machines.

If 15 machines are booted, and set to go into receive mode,
and udp-sender is run on the imaging server, and 4 clients
need to be rebooted to restart PXE, we have noticed that we
see a list of only the first 11 machines on the ready list from
udp-sender, even after the remaining 4 have come up and show
that UDP receiver is ready (but does not display "hit any key
to start" on the remaining 4).

It seems like there is a window of a few minutes before the
udp-sender will stop listening for more udp-receivers to say
they are ready.

I checked the options and I don't see any that are designed to increase
how long it will wait to see more machines responding as ready.

Are there any suggestions?

For now, I think we'll wait until all machines show udp-receiver
ready and then run udp-sender, but I'd hope this will not be

--Donald Teed

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