Problem with recovery partition data

Donald Teed dteed at
Tue Apr 13 20:11:56 CEST 2004


Another working theory is that the problem has nothing to do
with udpcast itself but with the Linux server we are using
on a Dell notebook.  I've turned off acpid and the KDE arts
sound server in case they might be leading to data corruption.
I did notice a message on the server saying 
"Sound Server Failure error: cpu overload, aborting"
This happened shortly after starting X, and before the image creation was done.

We are using Xandros Linux as a server on the Dell machine.
The client machine at this point is the IBM R31.
I'm doing a fresh image creation under these new conditions and then
I'll try the restore again.

A restore I had done earlier today confirmed that
while the BIOS believed that F11 was an option, it still
failed to boot the F11 option, so it can't be a BIOS/CMOS
thing that is getting in the way.   The very same machine and
drive had booted from F11 just prior to the restore with udpcast.

I guess that given the nature of UDP we have no way of knowing whether
data transferred is going through correctly.  Is there something
that can be done to improve on this situation?


--Donald Teed

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