Trouble with tftpd and dhcp and broadcom ethernet client

Donald Teed dteed at
Mon Apr 12 21:09:28 CEST 2004


Thanks for the new kernel and initrd mechanisms.
I've yet to try it with the broadcom dhcp client but will sometime soon.

In the meantime I have another problem which is difficult to see
what could be wrong.

We have old IBM R31 models which are being sold, and they
should be templated like they came from IBM - with a Windows XP Home
partition and a hidden recovery partition.  When the system
comes up, one can use the F11 key which causes the BIOS
to make a change in the partition table such that the second
partition is visible and active.

I created an image file for a full disk using udpcast in receive mode,
and later sent it to two different machines with the same
model of hard drive in them.  (I used the updated linux kernel
and initrd made from cast-o-matic today.)  The udpcast
session reports completion without error.

Windows will boot fine with the udpcast restored images,
but the F11 function is not being recognized.
If we boot from Partition Magic CDROM and manually
unhide the restore partition and make it active, then
the second partition does boot.  If we then hide it
with Partition Magic, then the F11 feature is available
and works to cause the second partition to be unhidden and bootable.

This simple unhiding and re-hiding of the recovery
partition (the second partition) is enough to repair
whatever it is expecting to see for the recovery partition
t o be in a bootable condition.

We also have used an IBM utility diskette to restore the
ability to see the F11 menu option, but this makes
no difference.

We double checked a drive copied by Symantec Ghost which
had been used as the gold master in the udpcast process.
On the same notebook, the F11 worked OK, so it is certain that
we were working from a good copy of the image.

It looks like there is a problem specific to the partition
tables which is behind this.

I'm very puzzled by this problem.  If udpcast is basically doing a dd
of the full drive, I can't see where we could be losing any
information about the recovery partition.

If you have any ideas where we could be losing the F11
restore capability in the copied drives, please let me know.

If you don't have any suggestions, I think I'll try
an image creation and restore using the Ghost for Unix
method (dd, gzip, ftp from Knoppix) and see if it also
has a problem with the hidden recovery partition or it
can use it from F11 key.

--Donald Teed

On Mon, 12 Apr 2004, Alain Knaff wrote:

> On Monday 12 April 2004 04:53, Donald Teed wrote:
> > This solution sounds promising.  I'm not sure where
> > to find the updated version.  Is it a newer kernel for PXE boot,
> > udpcast version or something else that is updated?
> >
> The kernel is the same, it's the menu system which has changed
> There is an updated rpm on the site (20040410), and updated 
> sources for the menu system (udpcast-20040410.tar.gz. Forgot to update the 
> pointer yesterday, but should be ok now), and all images (udpflop.img, 
> udpcd.img,...) are updated as well.
> Cast-o-matic now generates images with the new feature as well.
> As the menu system has changed, rather than udpcast itself (the actual 
> send/receive application), the version number displaed at the "Press any key 
> to start" prompt has not changed.
> Regards,
> Alain

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