[Udpcast] problems with boot disk

netman2 in Galatea.seriousman.org netman2 at seriousman.org
Thu Dec 12 13:07:43 CET 2002

Hy, i'm trying to use UDPCast for installing 20 PC boxes in FineArts
Universiti at Barcelona, the problem I've found i think is no such
difficult to resolve, but I'm not able to. (head to short? :-) ).
Ok.lets go

1. Bootdisk failure in kernel booting:
enabled ExtINT  on      CPU 0
ESR value before enabling vector:00000000
ESR value after  enabling vector:00000000
using local APIC timer interrupts
calibrating APIC timer
.... CPU clock speed is 1799.7757MHz
.... CPU hosts bus clock speed is 0.0000MHz
CPU:0, clocks:0, slice:0
------------kernel stops here ------------

bios technical specifications

BIOS PT84520A.86A.0010.P5 (for the sender) all machines have exactly
same HW conf. & same disk
        Intel Celeron (R)
	CPU     1.80    GHz
	BUS     400     MHz
	MEM     266     MHz
At this point I'm thinking to try and make a boot disk able to run on
this machinnes and then use udpcast for it.
Question? How I make this bootdisk?

the motherboards don't allowme turn off ACPI (i think its that the
problem) so I don't know anyway to get aout of it.

Thanks for any help
oH!, my name is JACI or jazz. thnks

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